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Email pragmatism or email addiction? Interesting facts of how email has evolved

Email list building
I’m betting it’s been less than 2 hours since you checked your email box. Email communication has eclipsed mail letters and fax exchanging. You may be a follower of the digital detox or social media but you can’t deny the involvement and addiction with electronic mails of people around you. In the 1990s online communication[...]
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Twist of the wrist. Curious facts about data entry work for your business

Data entry facts
How far do your fingers travel each day? Every 10 000 words typed by you make your fingers walk 1 mile. Your palms may be experienced travellers when big databases need to be processed. Your company collects mountains of information which need to be organized and analyzed. Entrust this task to data entry clerks. Twist of[...]
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May your ridiculous idea lead you to a unicorn? Why are startups interested in hiring freelancers?

Unicorn startups
Mankind is oversaturated by technological services, but we still eagerly apply to fresh goods. A startup is a newly founded business comprising an innovating approach for the chosen market gap. Every second 3 startups are launched globally. Innovative idea equals power. Don’t be afraid to make your ideas work for you! Unicorns exist! Inspirational stories[...]
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