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Data entry services pricing

Data entry services pricing depends on several factors. Pricing structure for data entry services is calculated considering the skill requirements of a data entry specialist, complexity and volume of a project, and total completion time. Deployment of technology and requited support may also influence on the total price. Our company offers beneficial pricing for different plans – fixed price per project or hourly rate payments. Data entry outsource is a wise investment into your business future. Saving money is always a good idea whether it is a small company or a big one. Check what the clients say about us.

Data entry services

Data processing is a complicated process when knowledges, experience and time are needed. People invest big money into businesses. Data entry service is an investment which brings the results immediately. The processes are optimized, no mess in the documents, all data is well-organized and accurate, you may easily use it at any moment. For this small pricing you get much more than just data entry. You pay for time to focus on business priorities like clients’ service, strategy, quality improvements, in fact you pay to grow your business. Small pricing for such a resource.


Why choose Tinkogroup.com

We offer our clients a lot of perspectives for their work:

  1. If you need a professional data entry service for any project – you can find it here.
  2. We work with different files and formats like PDF, Excel, Google Docs etc.
  3. We offer qualitative service with an opportunity to track and control the processes;
  4. As soon as our team gets the initial data, requirements and details of the client’s project, the work starts;
  5. We do our best to meet your expectations and give you even more benefits;
  6. Our pricing is flexible and attractive for companies of all the sizes and industries;


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