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How research business data online

The process of searching and mining information according to a marketing plan or business campaign of your company online helps to understand how successful your product is. Extraction of these details helps to collect useful contacts, emails and other data of different firms and agencies you can co-work with. Today you can conduct marketing research and find the needed collection of business data easily. To do qualitative outsourcing market research for your company using the Internet, you may choose an online service or turn to a freelance website to find a researcher who will perform mining of the information. There are a lot of paid and free services that perform outsourcing market research for companies. But, in most cases, you will just waste a lot of time and money, but collection of data wonโ€™t provide the needed result.

Online research data collection service

Online services that offer to perform qualitative outsourcing market research can help to collect the needed information for a business campaign or marketing plan quickly and make work of any company more organized. You donโ€™t need to search for contacts, emails about different agencies and firms or details about your product on your own. There is no need to turn to freelance websites and pay a lot of money to researchers for this task. Process of data research, mining, and extraction on the Internet can be done by specialists in short terms for any company. But it is not so easy to find a really good site that helps with data collection as it can seem. So, it can become a real waste of money and time.


Why choose Tinkogroup.com

We are ready to provide you a lot of opportunities and advantages:

  • Our team of reliable professionals will help you to cope with any task in short terms; moreover, our prices are not so high.
  • This online service will help to complete qualitative outsourcing market research for your company anytime you need it. Be sure, you will be satisfied with the results because the process of searching, mining, and extraction of data will be performed by experienced specialists.
  • We are ready to include all the points from your marketing plan or business campaign in the collection of the data. So, you will get not only information about your product but also such details as emails, contacts of agencies and firms that can be useful for you.
  • We save your time. You donโ€™t need to look for a researcher on different freelance websites who will collect all the needed data on the Internet


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