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How convert word document to fillable pdf

There are a lot of sites that offer to use their services to convert word file into fillable PDF document. They can make possible extracting information from Word to PDF forms. Fillable PDF files provide a lot of options that can make your work with documents much easier and quick. Only in a few clicks you will be able to make changes to your data and share it. To convert doc file to this format you can use one of online services. There are many sites with paid and free offers. But it will take a lot of time to find the good one that can confirm all the expectations and provide the desired result.

How convert word form to pdf fillable form

Word format is not able to give a lot of benefits for efficient work with documents. But PDF fillable form can do that. That is why to get more advantages you may convert your files from word to PDF form with fillable fields. Such document can be edited anytime because it is looks the same way on different devices. You can get an access to them offline too. To convert a doc file into PDF form you may choose one of online free and paid services. But in some cases you just waste your time and even money, because most of the sites cannot provide all the needed options. So, you won鈥檛 be able to get a good result.

Why choose Tinkogroup.com

Our service provides a lot of benefits to everyone:

  • We help to convert efficient fillable PDF forms from different types of files including word;
  • It is possible to add to document autofill, dropdown list, check box, radio button, text box and list box.
  • You can use digital signature and watermarks, so your work will become more convenient and faster;
  • It is easy to convert doc files to new professional editable PDF and extract information from it;
  • Created forms can be opened on different devices;
  • Our service can help you to make searchable even scanned and hand-written files.


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