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What is an image background removal?

An image is a visual presentation of something including drawings, graphs, logos, frames, photos etc. It can be printed or stored in electronic form. The common pictures formats are JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, SVG files. Special program software enables to make changes in visual content like color manipulations, size variations, adding new details or cutting off pictures’ parts. Image conversion is a powerful tool for business development.


What is e-commerce?

E-commerce is the process of buying and selling products and services online. The specificity of the internet business lies in the accessibility to buy and the inability to touch the goods before the purchase. Qualitative photos of the products you sell push clients to buy what you offer but not your competitors. Good pictures equal higher results for your online business.

Image background removal is an efficient tool for e-commerce. Background removal increases the picture’s usability and leads to the positive attitude to the brand. Pictures are alluring, the focus is on the object but not on the space behind. The online market analysis says that a clean white background is 3 times more effective for the sales conversion. One of the most advanced programs to use for the image background removal is Photoshop.

What image background removal services do we offer?

  • Cutting out the objects from pictures and making the background transparent or any other color in Photoshop;
  • Color control of photos – tune the color temperature, shadows, brightness, white balance;
  • Background removal services to prepare pictures for online shops;
  • Creation of visual e-commerce catalogs;
  • Remove background for Amazon, eBay, Etsy listings;
  • Photoshop background removal for your photos to create the basis for the presentations, booklets, marketing materials;
  • You get the files in the required size and format (PNG, JPEG etc.);
  • Professional results.

The portrait of our image background removal expert:

  • Professional user of Photoshop software;
  • Knows everything about pixels, sizes, brightness and white balance;
  • Accurate in moves as it’s important for the background removal editing;
  • A mix of high concentration and emotional patience;
  • Eagle-eyed when it comes to the image editing as quality matters;
  • Works with different background removal techniques – background eraser tool, channel mask, pen tool, magnetic lasso tool, color control units;
  • Advanced communication skills;
  • Respect security policies;
  • Projects are executed within the discussed time limits.

Why should you outsource image background removal tasks?

  • Professionals know better how to increase your sales. Delegate image background removal jobs to people with experience.
  • Special skills and knowledge are needed to work with the background removal programs.
  • Automatic online cutout programs don’t give the needed results after image background removal.
  • E-commerce is a specific branch – business promotion is much easier with outsource helpers.
  • Outsource let you save money due to the lower bills.
  • Save your time to focus on more important things and great moments.
  • Ability to delegate large-scale projects. The job will be done fast as outsource company already has qualified and ready-to-work virtual assistants.
  • Time zone benefits – you sleep, employees work.
  • Short processing time of the client’s application.
  • Possession and access to the latest background removal technologies.
  • Guarantee of quality.

A qualitative image equals attention from the customers’ side. The better way you present your product – the higher will be the sales.

Why Tinkogroup is a leading image background removal company?

The qualitative image is a power for your business. We know what tools to use to give you the great visual content!

  • We’ve worked with thousands of images in Photoshop to transform them.
  • Team members are professionals.
  • Our super skill is quality!
  • Adherence to time frames.
  • We are growing with each project.
  • We have a strong reputation.

We don’t want to talk loudly about our skills. Check what our clients say about us.
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As usual, Tinkogroup guys came through and saved the day. I had a site emergency and needed to change images background to transparent. Not the easiest job either and some knowledge was needed but they did it quickly and efficiently.

Tinkogroup is an awesome freelancers team who helped me to remove white background from pictures for my rugs shop. They expedite their work, were incredibly adaptable and had very good communication throughout the project. I couldn’t ask for a better team to work with.

Great background removal service provided. This team has a high attention to detail and understands the nature of the work well.

I needed to remove background from photos. And Tinkogroup did a great job! They kept me informed. The job became more complex as we went into it and the team pointed out issues as soon as they encountered them and gave me options as to how best to progress.

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