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Our services include but not limited to:

Products sorting and classification in predetermined categories

Tagging product images

Structuring large amount of data

Creation of product databases with product attributes

Tagging products with appropriate search terms

Categorization of PDF, Word, Excel and other documents in a logical order

Video analyzing and categorizing

Items categorizing and tagging

What is categorizing and tagging?

Categorizing is the process of classifying objects or ideas according to the certain requirements within the common features. A tag is a keyword which describes the item. It allows to search, organize and find the related content in the online browsing system for the brands, products, people, and services. This instrument is a must-have for the product marketing and e-commerce.

Disorder in the business data equals disorder in your company. No one needs long, incomprehensible and weird reports – the right structure of databases is useful for your offline and online businesses. Using items categorizing and tagging means to use the structure.

What categorizing and tagging services do we offer?

  • Products sorting and classification in predetermined categories;
  • No limits in what information to categorize – you name the categories and we do the rest;
  • Organize text, audio, and video data in the required form;
  • Compile relevant internet research based on your needs to structure the data;
  • E-commerce product categorization;
  • Product catalogs creation for the online shops;
  • Categorizing and tagging services in the social media;
  • Categorizing contacts for CRM systems;
  • Categorizing data in Excel, Word files;
  • Tagging email addresses, images, websites, products, brands etc.;
  • Video analyzing and categorizing;
  • Analysis of internet research data;
  • Readability matters – we make reports in an accessible form so you could easily understand the text and graphics.

The portrait of our items categorizing and tagging expert:

  • Lover of the elements being structured;
  • Implement the right algorithms to make the project in a smart way;
  • Adore list creation which is helpful in categorizing companies, people, email addresses, phone numbers;
  • Knows how to generate useful reports;
  • Acts according to the categorizing plan;
  • Focused on the requirements of the project;
  • Persistent and attentive to provide qualitative Items categorizing and tagging services;
  • Turns chaotic information into organized materials for data entry and internet research services;
  • Addicted with list creation;
  • Expert in Microsoft Office software;
  • Has top level in productivity to execute projects within the discussed time limits;
  • Respect security policies and intellectual property rights;
  • Advanced communication skills.

Why should you outsource items categorizing and tagging?

  • Delegate business projects to professionals. We propose speed, flexible hours, and relevant experience – it’s a strong proof of reliability for the categorizing and ,strong>tagging services.
  • Raw data is unsuitable for statistical modeling and making decisions – outsource company can organize the worksheets and databases.
  • Computer platforms are not able to categorize properly as they don’t understand the purpose of analytics as the human brain. It doesn’t have a tagging strategy and can’t make qualitative research. We can do it.
  • Business promotion is much easier with outsource freelancers.
  • Time and money are precious working resources – save them by hiring the items categorizing and tagging professionals.
  • Time zone benefits – you sleep, employees work.
  • Ability to delegate large-scale projects. The job will be done fast as outsource company already has qualified and ready-to-work teams.
  • Short processing time of the client’s application.
  • Possession and access to the latest technologies and tools.
  • Guarantee of quality.

Why Tinkogroup is a leading items categorizing and tagging company?

Information is power for your business. We know what skills and tools to use to turn the raw data into a rich, streamlined and useful resource!

  • Team members are multitaskers.
  • Our super skill is quality!
  • Adherence to time frames.
  • We work with tons of digital information and organize it properly.
  • We are growing with each project.
  • We have a strong reputation.

We don’t want to sing about our skills. Check what our clients say about us.
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