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Our services include but not limited to:

Data entry and management services

Fillable PDF forms

Searching for travel activities, building itinerary

Typing up notes

Managing contact list in a spreadsheet

Internet research & email list building

Audio transcription

Social media marketing

Document formatting and management

Virtual assistant services

Who is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a person who provides business support services working remotely for various clients. The more developed the internet communication becomes, the more prominent the need in remote freelancers is. The range of working duties is not limited to the administrative and clerical tasks. Virtual assistant qualifications include internet research mission, data entry, email list building, processing of text, audio and video files, internet marketing, management tasks etc.

Advantages of hiring virtual assistants

Your project needs a part-time worker. You don’t want to rent an office, buy the computer for the staff. You are a startup owner, each dollar counts. Your purpose is to focus on important aspects of the business but administrative tasks exclude this possibility. Searching for the multitasker. You’d like to spend more time with your family and need a reliable helper to delegate some day-to-day missions. You have an urgent large-scale task. Online support is beneficial to all types of businesses – small, medium, and huge companies.

  • Hire a virtual assistant means to reduce the operating costs.
  • A virtual assistant helps to bridge the skill gap in your organization – just apply to a person with the missing skills.
  • Experience and knowledge of online employees bring results to your business. Efficient team – efficient you.
  • Online support is a good option to scale up the business.
  • Small and large-scale projects will be done in the shortest terms.
  • Quality matters.

What virtual assistant services do we offer?

  • Data entry and data mining;
  • Internet research – text, audio, video analysis, report generation;
  • List creation – phone, competitor, and email list building;
  • Social media marketing;
  • Items categorizing and form-filling;
  • File conversion (PDF to Word/Excel/Google Docs) and document proofreading;
  • Converting PDF, JPG, hand-drawn and scanned documents into 2D drawings in AutoCAD;
  • Virtual assistant management services.

The portrait of our virtual assistant:

  • Knows everything about internet access, document sharing, and search engines;
  • Guru of time-management who can help you to run your own calendar – plan your vacation, check the schedule meetings, book travel accommodations;
  • Adherent of valid information;
  • Upgrades knowledge to stay the top virtual assistant;
  • Persistent and attentive to provide qualitative virtual assistant services;
  • Turns chaotic information into organized materials for data entry and internet research services;
  • Online detective when it comes to digging out the information for the client’s project;
  • Addicted with list creation what is useful for phone, competitor, and email list building;
  • Expert in software including Microsoft Office and AutoCAD tools;
  • Creative in the virtual assistant approaches in information research;
  • Has top level in productivity to execute projects within the discussed time limits;
  • Respect security policies and intellectual property rights;
  • Advanced communication skills.

Why should you outsource tasks to virtual assistants?

  • Delegate business projects to professionals. Virtual assistants propose speed, flexible hours, and relevant experience – it’s a strong proof of reliability.
  • Virtual assistant job is a profitable investment due to the lower bills.
  • Save your time for more important things.
  • Business promotion is much easier with outsource freelancers.
  • Time zone benefits – you sleep, employees work.
  • Ability to delegate large-scale projects. The job will be done fast as outsource company already has qualified and ready-to-work teams.
  • Short processing time of the client’s application.
  • Possession and access to the latest technologies.
  • Guarantee of quality.

Why Tinkogroup is a leading virtual assistant company?

Information is power for your business. We know what virtual assistant tools to use to deal with this power!

  • Team members are multitaskers.
  • Our super skill is quality!
  • Adherence to time frames.
  • We work with tons of digital information and analyze it properly.
  • We are growing with each project.
  • We have a strong reputation.

We don’t want to sing about our skills. Check what our clients say about us.
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