The conflict of human skills and machine potential. Who wins the battle?

The first computer was invented in 1822 by Charles Baggage. In 1997 the world chess champion Garry Kasparov lost a match to a smart machine for the first time. In 2015 many experts in the world of technology including Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking signed a document which blocks the ability to create an entity which can’t be controlled by people. Do you see any interconnection? The confrontation between artificial and human intelligence is brewing! Who will win? Fight!

Round 1 – Artificial Intelligence beats the Human Brain

Artificial intelligence (AI) means the simulation of human intellectual capacity by computer systems. This is a powerful instrument in our daily lives. Use your voice to ask Siri for some help as it’s your personal virtual assistant. Smart self-driving cars are coming soon. AI is used in video games, online customer support, smart home devices and security monitoring, medicine, marketing and sales. It is everywhere!


Strong points of artificial intelligence

  • Technologies make our lives easier and save our time for the things that really matter.
  • The computer system can think and analyze. Machine Learning is the AI stream that uses algorithm and data to teach themselves. Facebook News Feed knows what content to display by analyzing your behaviour and interests on the website. Big companies like Amazon can easily predict your needs as a customer.
  • Computers don’t know tiredness. There are many factors which are necessary for people to function productively: mood, motivation, good sleep, time for rest, appropriate work atmosphere.
  • Machines are able to replace people in providing dangerous, hard or monotone administrative services. Right now robots take part in bomb defusing.

Round 2 – Human Intelligence beats Artificial Intelligence

The human brain is the super organ as it manages our life and is able to do incredible things. Do you know how fast do impulses travel from body limbs to our brain? This indicator reaches 270 miles/hour when Formula 1 race car moves at a speed of 240 mph. In average 50,000 thoughts are produced in your head per day. Your brain’s storage capacity is quadrillion bytes – the entire internet information is able to fit in your head.


Strong points of the human brain

  • Your brain can’t be hacked, AI system can.
  • The brain is a self-controlled essence. Computers can’t function unless we help them. Our control, electricity and internet are usually needed to make the system work.
  • People create wow things. Creativity is what pushes the human race to progress in science, technology, relationship. Artificial intelligence does not generate ideas itself.
  • Real intelligence moves easily in the flow of new information and circumstances. Innovative technologies act strictly in the frame of the way they were programmed for. When new facts come, you see «error» on your screen.
  • Some tasks in business and life have hidden and implicit aspects if to speak about making decisions. Human intuition, passive knowledge, judgment and inner reasoning play a decisive role. Hire this person or not, choose him as a partner or stay away from him, start this project or refuse? This is a deeper insight than just a set of automatic decisions proposed by AI.
  • Robots can’t build the relationship with you, empathize, give real emotions, be social or eat pizza after work. They don’t have personality, people have.
  • The human brain is 30 times more powerful in comparison with the fastest computer IBM Sequoia.

Round 3 – will computer systems grab our jobs?

As promised by 2055 automation will dislodge 49% of human work activity. It can be depressive for unskilled labour. That is true, smart technologies will grab a part of our work but not all. People have unique skills which robots will never be able to copy. We create new things. Machines can’t create unique content, design, drawings, catch the right moment as a photographer can. We can analyze deeper. You may say people can make mistakes while working, but computers do the same.

The brain is a muscle, train it! The more trained it is, the easier for mankind to win this battle. When your brain is exhausted after the mental exercises, eat some chocolate as it stimulates cells for work or have a nap.

Scientists are trying to automate and standardize lots of human tasks like writing emails, data entering, searching and analyzing information. Probably they will succeed in this field later but right now human labor is the most reliable way to make your business work. Applications are just our helpers but human skills are the basis of the progress and success.

Brain storm


Phenomenon! Why do people so marvelled by technologies and robots but they take for granted the unbelievable brain capacity? It creates all these unique devices. Think of it! Intelligent machines are our helpers but they will never be smarter than people who create, update and manage all these wow trends. AI is a consequence of the mankind brain ingenuity. We should love technologies but not as much as being human.

Artificial Intelligence or Human Brain?

The human brain is the winner in this fight. Everything depends on us! Train your brain to leave your human and artificial competitors far behind!

What are the primary differences between human skills and machine capabilities?

Human skills and machine capabilities differ fundamentally. Humans excel in creativity, emotional intelligence, adaptability, and fine motor skills. Machines handle pattern recognition and data analysis but lack intrinsic creativity, genuine emotional understanding, and ethical reasoning.

How do machines and AI impact the job market and employment rates?

Machines and AI impact the job market by displacing repetitive jobs in areas like manufacturing and data entry and creating opportunities in AI development, data analysis, and robotics. Many jobs transform, requiring new skills. This can increase economic growth but may widen economic inequality.

What human skills are most resistant to automation and why?

Specific human skills resist automation because they rely on human intuition and interaction. Creative and critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and judgment are hard for machines to replicate. Interpersonal skills in jobs like sales and HR also remain challenging for automation.

What are the potential benefits of combining human skills with machine capabilities?

Machines handle repetitive tasks, allowing humans to focus on complex, creative work, enhancing efficiency. AI provides data-driven insights for better decisions. Technologies like AR/VR augment human abilities, leading to improved outcomes, increased productivity, and new opportunities.

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