Updating Assets for Maritime Technology Company

Project Type

Data Processing

Project Length

Oct 11, 2021 - Present


IT Services

The Tinkogroup team is truly remarkable for their reliability, exhibiting a high degree of rigor and efficiency. From the moment I started working with them, I was impressed by their consistent performance and dedication. The attention to detail in their approach speaks volumes about the care and precision they put into every project.

Spokesperson, Technology Company

Key Results

  • 2000+ Items updated

  • decision-making processes enhanced by 30%

Project Overview

The primary goal of this project was to update the client's database by approving ports and vessels information. This endeavor was aimed at enhancing the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the client's maritime asset records, thereby improving their operational efficiency and decision-making processes.

Business Problem

The client faced significant challenges in maintaining an up-to-date and accurate database of ports and vessels. The existing system lacked the necessary digitalization of vessel information, which led to inefficiencies and potential inaccuracies in the management of assets. This situation necessitated a comprehensive update and digitization process to ensure the database could support the client's operational needs effectively.

Solutions Delivered to the Client

To address these challenges, we implemented a structured process to check, update, and add new information to the client's database. This involved a detailed verification of the existing data, followed by the approval of over two hundred items. Additionally, we ensure that all relevant information was accurately recorded in the digital database. This comprehensive approach ensured that the client's database was not only up-to-date but also enriched with detailed and precise details for all assets.

People involved


Project Manager


Internet Research Expert