Back-Office Outsourcing for Education Publishing Company

Project Length

June 2023 - Oct. 2024



Always responded promptly. Asked for direction when unsure of how to proceed and followed our instructions. Excellent English correspondence!

Bill Minnis, Publishing Consultant & Founder of Education Today

Key Results

  • 9500 facilities updated

  • 100 duplicates identified and removed

  • 20 system bug reports sent

Project Overview

The project entails a detailed examination, gathering, validation, and enhancement of client's database encompassing schools throughout Australia. With a focus on achieving three primary objectives—ensuring data accuracy and completeness, resolving errors promptly, and eliminating duplicate entries—the project aims to achieve significant advancements in updating the database with meticulous and comprehensive information.

Business Problem

Inaccurate or incomplete data, unresolved errors, discrepancies, and duplicate records, whether stemming from human error or system glitches, pose significant hurdles in effectively utilizing, managing, and analyzing the database for various purposes. Addressing, rectifying, and mitigating these issues is crucial to ensure the reliability, accuracy, integrity, and usefulness of the database for stakeholders, decision-makers, analysts, researchers, and users alike, thereby enhancing organizational efficiency, decision-making processes, and overall operational effectiveness.

Solutions Delivered to the Client

To effectively tackle the multifaceted complexities inherent in updating, maintaining, and enhancing the database, we meticulously implemented a comprehensive approach encompassing rigorous review, meticulous data collection, meticulous verification, and robust error resolution processes. By leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, advanced data validation techniques, and efficient error resolution strategies, we meticulously ensured the utmost accuracy, precision, and completeness of the database. The culmination of these efforts is a meticulously refined, meticulously maintained, and meticulously reliable database that serves as an indispensable and invaluable resource for stakeholders, policymakers, administrators, educators, researchers, and practitioners within the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of the education sector.

People involved


Project Manager


Lead Generator / Internet Research Expert


Internet Research Expert