Interesting facts of how email has evolved

I’m betting it’s been less than 2 hours since you checked your email box. Email communication has eclipsed mail letters and fax exchanging. You may be a follower of the digital detox or social media but you can’t deny the involvement and addiction with electronic mails of people around you. In the 1990s online communication was a revolutionary business tool, nowadays it is a standard that helps your business grow.

Transformation of paper letters into email correspondence

Digital systems capture the world. How did people cope with communication difficulties centuries ago? The earliest mail carriers worked on foot, using animals and carriages, dogsleds. Later steamships, trains, and trucks speeded up the delivery. Nowadays if you send a letter from New York to San Francisco the recipient gets it in 7 hours, in 1991 it could take 5 days, in 1850 people had to wait for 6 weeks. Email correspondence copes with this task in seconds. Huge difference, isn’t it?

The first step in e-communication was done in 1971. The first email letter was sent between 2 computers located in the same room with “QWERTYUIOP” message. The first email greeting from space to the Earth was sent in 1991.

Each user has a unique email address. It is created as a mix of a custom username, @ sign and domain name. In the business world symbol «@» is called «at». If you prefer to be more creative you may use such nicknames as «small snail», «dog», «monkey’s tail», «sleeping cat», «little duck», «little worm» etc. They are all correct.

Benefits of email communication

  Benefits of email communication

  • Speed – people can exchange online messages in seconds. It does not matter whether you are in the neighbor building or on another continent.
  • Attachments – a big bonus as you may attach text, audio, video files.
  • Accessibility – all you need is in the email box – schedule, files, discussions. You have your personal information storage. It is always close at hand.
  • Convenience – sometimes it is easier to write an email than to make a call. You get a fast answer. You may read an email when it is the best time for you. It will not disappear.
  • Record – no need to write the information you get on paper. If there is a dispute, no need to look for evidence, everything is fixed in a written form.
  • Data analysis – it is easy to sort and organize the space in your email box. Save your time.
  • Free correspondence – having a chance to save money it’s always a good advantage.
  • Resource for keeping up with events – you are updated with newsletters, discounts of your favorite brand, get confirmations. Emails are needed for social media and website subscriptions.
  • Form of productive procrastination – we love it so much.
  • Spam – there is a system that blocks unwanted data.
  • Secure – you have the personal email login and password.
  • Great business tool for email marketing – efficient and cheap.

Of course, all these features may have negative shades: everything stops working without internet access, email password may be hacked, not all unwanted letters are filtered by the spam system. Even though if to compare the capabilities of email accounts and paper letters – the winner is obvious. Maximize time when you write, send, deliver and get emails

Facts about email addiction

  Facts about email addiction

  • There are 4.6 billion email accounts worldwide for 2.7 billion users.
  • 246 billion emails per day will be sent until 2020. Hey, do we do anything else except writing emails?
  • We check email box when watching TV – 70% of us, in bed – 62%, using toilet room – 45%, during meetings – 50%, driving -18%.
  • Employees spent nearly 13 office hours/week in their email boxes.
  • Pope John Paul II was the first Vatican Pope to use email.

In 2004 @ symbol appeared in the Morse Code.

Morse Code

If this list works for you – congratulations, you are addicted to the email system. Email format is ubiquitous, the existence of the email address is as essential as the fact you have a telephone number.

Good news for those who use email marketing as a tool to promote the products and services of the brand. Email touches do work for business. There are many strategies for collecting clients’ email addresses, building email lists, lots of tips to catch the customer’s attention and make him buy your product. All you need for success is a good email list. Email is a reminder to come back to your brand. You may offer special deals, send newsletters, confirmations, and updates. It is a fast, reliable and flexible tool to touch your audience, educate people and encourage sales.

  Email pragmatism or email addiction

The email system has evolved – that is a strong fact. There should be a balance between checking your inbox every 5 minutes and ignoring the urgent letters from your colleagues. Pragmatism or addiction – depends on your level of involvement. Email correspondence has many positive sides both for personal and business communication. We wish you to be pragmatic, but not addicted

If you can’t imagine your life without online messages it’s time to check your email password. Let me guess! Is it «123456» or «qwerty»? These 2 passwords are the most used in the world. Protect your online life better!

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