How to create a comfortable home office for freelancers?


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07 March 2018

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Imagine, you have a busy and hard-working day! Where would you feel better – in a dark office corner or in a cozy and well-equipped area? Work achievements depend not just on our experience and soft skills but also on the office organization. Studies showed, the better working climate you have, the better results you may demonstrate.

Mind blown offices or how to motivate your employees?

All companies want to get the maximum from the staff. Only a few employers are ready to invest in comfort since they’ve calculated what profit they may get thanks to this input.

Google was the first to offer an extra comfortable office atmosphere and they hit the mark. You may bring your pets to the office, have a haircut or massage, go to the swimming pool or even have a zero-gravity nap. Do you know that Facebook is building the own city for its employees right now? Residential and office space will include 1500 housing units with stores, hotels, parks and more.

corporate campus reminding a spaceship

Steve Jobs wanted to create a corporate campus reminding a spaceship. The Apple Park in California, whose cost is more than $5 billion, is almost completed. As a result, the 175-acre territory with 2.8 million sq. ft. of office space will house over 12 000 workers.

Most of the companies are not ready to even make an effort to optimize the monotone office. Maybe you were fed up with the depressing workspace and it pushed you to become a self-employed person.

How to create a comfortable home office if you are a freelancer?

Remote workers don’t need to go to the office every day. Happy people! Where and how do freelancers work? The first option is to work at home. It does not matter whether it is a separate room or just a corner by the window.

Creating a comfortable home office is easy

Creating a comfortable home office is easy:

  • Each day freelancers work even more than sleep. Why do people agree to buy expensive mattresses but they count every penny if a new chair and desk are needed? Bad ergonomics influences our health and comfort that equals productivity. Invest in the right office equipment!
  • Working at home has a dark side – there are many temptations distracting you from work. Try to set the boundaries between professional and personal things.
  • Keep your devices and apps updated. Fast internet connection is a must-have when you work with clients remotely.
  • Divide the area into segments: one for calls, another one for the computer tasks. This way you will not be tired of the same working place.
  • Use containers and storage boxes. Label things, use identified folders to store the documents.
  • Control the quality of lighting.
  • Space should not be naked. Inspirational reminders like special quotes, photos, images motivate.
  • Add some colors to your surrounding: yellow pushes to creativity, green and blue bring the harmony, red gives the energy.
  • A green plant near your computer adds freshness and helps to focus. Try aquatic plants like Marimo Moss Balls – green fluffy balls in a glass container with water. Air plants in glasses like humidity but still are unpretentious. Succulents are simple in care too.
  • What really helps to focus is saying no to pajamas while working.
  • Well-organized and clean workspace or a cluttered desk? Good news for those who prefer a light mess. Two groups of people in Minnesota were tested to reveal the influence of mess on the ability to generate new ideas. According to research cluttered work atmosphere helps to be more productive and creative. If you still have doubts, look at Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs and Mark Twain who were supporters of a messy surrounding.

Why do freelancers prefer co-working space

  Why do freelancers prefer co-working space?

If you can’t stand the home isolation, co-working space is your rescue. Shared work zone gives community and networking to remote freelancers. Be honest, you miss talks near the water cooler. Also, you get unlimited access to a coffee machine, ergonomic workplace with 24/7 access and high-speed internet. In addition, you may use conference, meeting and game rooms, all kitchen appliances, shower, gym etc. The most advanced co-working spaces offer capsular restrooms with beds. It is a good option for freelancers, start-up teams, entrepreneurs. Most corporate offices are plane. Co-working square meters are created to inspire for productivity. Unfortunately, this kick of inspiration costs money.

well-organized space


You may think that only well-organized space makes people function better. Well, no! When you transform your work area, follow the rules that correspond to your lifestyle and project approach. If you feel more motivated while working in your bed in pajamas with a cup of cacao, just keep working in your bed! Create your own productive space!

What essential equipment do I need for a functional home office?

To set up a functional home office, you'll need the following essential equipment: a reliable computer, high-speed Internet connection, comfortable office chair, spacious desk, high-quality monitor(s), keyboard and mouse, adequate lighting, storage solutions, headset or speakers, etc.

What are the benefits of having a dedicated workspace at home?

A separate workspace can help delineate work time from personal time, making it easier to switch off after work hours. Having a set workplace can reduce the stress of constantly dismantling your workspace. You can design your workspace to suit your preferences, creating an efficient environment.

How can I create a healthy work-life balance while working from a home office?

Creating a healthy work-life balance while working from a home office involves several strategies: set clear work hours, create a morning routine, take regular breaks, define a workspace boundary, set goals and prioritize tasks, communicate with your employer, engage in physical activity, etc.

What are the best practices for setting boundaries with family members while working from home?

Setting boundaries with family members while working from home involves clear communication and mutual respect. Here are some top practices: discuss your schedule, use physical cues, establish interruption rules, involve your family in planning, designate quiet hours, create a buffer zone, etc.

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