Our contact lists may contain:


Prospective customers that you can reach out to


People of the specific job positions of your interest


People that you can collaborate and build your business with


Suppliers of services and materials that you need


People from specific companies of your interest


Target audience within a specific location

What is email list building?

Email is a digital letter sent to any point in the world via the internet. Text, audio, video information may be shared. Received and sent letters are stored in mailboxes. It's a quick, low cost, and up-to-date service. Each user has its unique email address. It is created as a mix of a custom username, @ sign and domain name. Email list building is the powerful tool in the marketing strategy.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is the communication channel where emails are used to promote products and services, build and deepen the relationship with customers. Broadcasting is the process when you send the same message to different recipients at once. Businesses extensively use email lists to deal with their clients. You may offer special deals, send newsletters, confirmations, and updates. It is a fast, reliable and flexible tool to touch your audience, educate people and encourage sales. Email is a reminder to come back to your brand.

Build your own email list and treat it well. The success of email marketing depends on the quality and size of the target email list. Buying someone's list is a big risk as you may get to spam, there could be invalid addresses or the wrong target audience at all. It's a waste of time and money. Collecting email addresses using subscription, webinars, and events is useful but very slow. It is said that «money is in the list». That's true.

What we offer in the email list building branch:

● We build business, professional email lists not personal email addresses.● We add and update the existing lists.● We reach the target audience – just tell us who you need. Initial data may be represented as a company list, checklist with competitors or employers, catalogue of professions, zip codes, etc.● We have found and built thousands of email addresses. We have an eye for the email marketing tools.● We offer to build an email list from scratch.● We create and collect emails fast.● We build your own email list and treat it well.

The portrait of our email list building expert:

● Fan of valid email addresses;● Smart person who knows how to dig out email addresses;● Expert of domain names who knows that it's length can't exceed 254 characters, the username's limit is 64 characters.● Attention to details in the campaign;● Creative in the email list strategies and approaches in information research;● Software knowledge to ensure the correct data entry and marketing campaign;● Advanced communication skills;● Respects security policies;● Projects are executed within the discussed time limits.

Why should you outsource email list building tasks?

● Email list building specialists know better how to work with your project. Virtual assistants have skills, knowledge, and experience behind the shoulders.● You get a faster repayment of your investments. Email outsource is cost-effective due to the lower bills.
You will get your own email list.
● Business promotion is much easier with outsource helpers.● Save your time for more important things.● Time zone benefits – you sleep, employees work.● Ability to delegate large-scale projects. The job will be done fast as outsource company already has qualified and ready-to-work teams.● Short processing time of the client's application.● Possession and access to the latest technologies.● Guarantee of quality.
Remember that correct email marketing research equals the right audience. Outsource means to hit the mark with clients to get better sales.

Why Tinkogroup is a leading email list building company?

Email list is power for your business. We know what tools to use to deal with this power!
● Team members are multitaskers.● Our super skill is quality!● Adherence to time frames.● We work with tons of digital information and analyze it properly.● We are growing with each project.● We have a strong reputation.
We don't want to talk big about our experience. Check what our clients say about us.
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