Who runs the world? Freelancers!

Why and how to hire a good freelancer?

Forecasts promise that by 2027 freelancers will be the main workforce in the labor market. Sounds exciting! Several years ago nobody knew who data entry or online community managers, virtual assistants or internet researchers are. The growth of technological opportunities connects people around the world enabling online working interaction.

You may want to work with big companies to avoid the challenges of hiring people on your own.

  Collaboration with freelancers can be your best investment. Do you know why?

  • The lower cost but it does not mean the loss in quality!
  • Freelancers propose speed, flexible hours, relevant experience and reliability as they work for their reputation.
  • You contact directly the project executor when account managers from a big company may interpret the received information incorrectly.
  • As a business owner, you can’t waste your time on small tasks instead of focusing on what’s really important. There is no need in a full-time employee but you are still looking for some help – commit it to online assistants.
  • By applying to a ready-made team of freelancers you get a triple hit! Small and large-scale projects will be done in the shortest terms. The range of services is much wider than a single candidate can provide. Teams are created when people have enough experience in the common niche and big scopes of work to do, as a result, you hire a well-trained group of experts.

  Typical successful freelancer is:

  • Professional in the chosen niche;
  • Hardworking person who is able to function productively thanks to just several hours of sleep. Don’t think freelancers don’t like sleeping or having some rest, they just try to be better than their competitors;
  • The guru of time-management;
  • Forgets about the leisure time and days off because your project matters;
  • Seeking for self-evolution, skills upgrading, striving for more;
  • Do the best to satisfied the client requirements and dreaming about good feedback.

  How to choose the best freelancer?

  • First of all, pay attention to professional and soft skills, relevant experience, testimonials from the previous employers.
  • You may ask to arrange a personal meeting or call to clarify some shady moments.
  • You may ask to work with a small pilot project. It is a good test to reveal the best and worst features of the worker with no financial risks for you.
  • Potential freelancer is initiative and asks questions? It is definitely a good sign. Your online helper wants to have a full understanding of your hopes and requirements. The more information both sides have – the easier to estimate the freelancer’s resources, detect the right timeline and price.

  Project Success starts with the client

After reading this article you may think good freelancers have the superpower. Most likely, but even they can’t read thoughts! It is difficult to catch the idea of what is needed when you get just a brief task characteristic. Making the project successful starts with the client. Having a clear vision of the working process, results, scope of work and giving a complete job description to potential virtual assistant will screen the majority of wrong candidates. Freelancers with the most suitable skills will be attracted. Save your time choosing just among the best employees.


Could you imagine that Acrobat and operating system of Apple Macintosh were created by freelance programmers? Famous musician John Lennon was a freelance illustrator. Ray Bradbury, Stephen King mentioned they started their careers as freelance writers. Here is one more reason to hire a freelancer – there are many talented people among them! Let them help your business grow! Just try!

by Tatiana Buriak