How it works



Get in Light

Get in touch with us and give an idea, vision, and requirements of what is needed to do.



Win-Win Strategy

Discuss a plan of actions, expected results, terms, and price.



Test Time

Check the current plan for feasibility by 2 hours of work.



Motivation and Guarantees

When details are verified, 50% prepayment will be needed to motivate the sides to follow the agreements and guarantee the best results.



Data Processing

We search, collect, validate, analyze, make updates, summarize data to complete assigned goals.



Quality Checks

Double checks to ensure data accuracy, veracity, and relevancy. Databases and report generating.



Always on Time Delivery

Clients receive results of our work within the agreed time frames.



Final Lap

A client gets processed databases and reports to grow business, we get the final payment.



Mission Complete

Reap the benefits of a win-win collaboration! You get time for your own priorities as the task is accomplished.If you like our work and need our help again, you are welcome to walk this circle again!

  • What if I don't use prepaid hours before the end of the month?

    Prepaid hours are valid for 2 weeks from the date of purchase.

  • Is there a setup fee?

    No. There are no additional hidden fees. All taxes are already included.

  • What do I do if I am not sure yet how much time the project will take?

    You can buy a couple of hours to see how the process will go. We will send you an update of what's been done so far. And after that together we will be able to calculate the needed time.

  • I have a project with a stated budget and you provide prices for the hourly based agreements. So is there any way we can work together?

    Yes, sure. Contact us and we will discuss it. We are flexible about this question.

  • How are my hours tracked?

    We will keep a running total of your hours and send you weekly reports. Or you can request such report anytime you need it. If you are running out of time we will let you know ahead of that.

  • You are located in Ukraine. So what is the time difference?

    We are 6 hours ahead of New York time and 9 hours ahead of Los Angeles time. We are usually available to answer your questions between 9am-3 pm EST (which is 9am-12 pm PST). So most of your tasks will be done while it's still night for you (and you can gain some additional benefits of that).

  • How do you guarantee the quality of the work?

    We have a rule. All the work done by one of the team members is always double checked by a co-worker. We believe this will exclude most of the human errors. If you are not satisfied with the result, we will make sure to correct everything and learn on our mistakes.

  • Do you work during the holidays and on Saturday / Sunday?

    Overall we are trying to avoid that (as we all have to rest sometime). But we can make some exceptions when it's life-or-death situation.

  • How many persons will work on my project?

    It can be from 1 to as many as you need. Usually, it depends on the size of your project and deadline for that; and on your wishes of course.

  • Where else can I see the results of your work and check your clients' feedback?

    You can find out more about us and results of our work on freelance marketplaces like Upwork, Guru, Fiverr.

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