Our services include but not limited to:
Data categorization for images
Data labeling for audio records
Data annotation for texts
Data tagging for videos
Tagging using bounding boxes
Polygon annotation
3D Cuboids labeling
Tagging with lines and splines
Semantic segmentation
Sentiment analysis
What is data annotation?

Data annotation is a process of data classification and tagging the key features of objects to make large volumes of information recognizable for computer vision and analysis. Data processing affords machines to understand the created patterns accurately to make the right predictions in operation. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a huge system of algorithms, procedures, and schemes where the ordered records are about the win for technologies. That is why quality in labeling and tagging of images, text, video, and audio is a top priority for Machine Learning.

Data annotation for Machine Learning

Machine Learning needs data annotation and labeling to get resources for software to deepen knowledge and learn themselves. Dealing with Artificial Intelligence is efficient and profitable for various industries including government, healthcare, retail, oil and gas, transportation, financial organizations, etc. Not just large industries apply to technologies. AI applications are in day-to-day businesses too. Outstrip your competitors when adopting personal virtual assistance, traffic predictions for GPS navigation services, video monitoring, using social media chatbots, online customer support, product recommendations for e-commerce, online fraud detection to protect your company, etc. Usage of data annotation for Machine Learning is a jump in growth for any business.

We offer the following data annotation services:

  • Data tagging and classification for images;
  • Data labeling for voice systems used for chatbots, speech recognition;
  • Data categorization for text projects means to identify and interpret written records for chatbots, give sentiment analysis in product feedback, provide an automated search for materials on a certain topic;
  • Data processing for video materials;
  • Semantic segmentation means to label each pixel to a certain category;
  • The bounding box tool is connected with drawing and classification boxes around objects what is widely used for autonomous vehicles;
  • Polygon annotation includes lines drawing using dots around the outer edges of an object;
  • 3D Cuboids is about understanding the volumetric dimensions of objects;
  • Lines and splines are used to show accurate boundaries, widely used for warehouse robots in manufacturing and logistics;
  • Landmark labeling shows the movement trajectory of objects, required for facial recognition and counting apps;
  • We use different data annotation software including CVAT, LabelBox, Imglab, LabelMe, Sloth, etc.

The portrait of our data annotation specialist:

  • Experienced to work with large annotation databases, various computer software;
  • Depending on the project knows what data annotation tools to use – bounding boxes, polygons, pixelwise, 3D cuboids, lines and splines, etc.;
  • Has an ability to see details and stay focused for a long time;
  • Has analytical nature of thinking what is important for data annotation work;
  • Maintains high communication skills despite being in front of a computer screen most of the time;
  • Meets productivity metrics and task completion time;
  • Curious about AI, Machine Learning, Internet of Things;
  • Believes that the human approach and AI technologies are a great mix to bring business to success.

Why should you outsource data annotation and labeling services?

  • Outsourcing purpose is to give clients the ability to concentrate on priorities while teams are working on data processing;
  • Data validation and classification make various technologies feasible in practice so hire data practitioners not theorists;
  • Save time on finding and testing employees, delegate this task;
  • Outsource means to save client's money and time;
  • Data annotation key skills are accuracy, attention to details, software knowledge – ensure this task to experts;
  • Machine Learning requires the highest level of professionalism, better not to experiment with this item;
  • Track the progress of a project to be sure everything goes according to a plan;
  • Data processed by experts is power for your business.

Why Tinkogroup is a leading data annotation company?

A well-organized database is a foundation for business success, let us help you with this task.

  • Data classification is about order and clarity – we enjoy it;
  • We know how to collect, clean, validate, and tag information;
  • Our projects include but not limited to data annotation outsourcing for insurance, tech, traffic, e-commerce, and marketing companies, etc.;
  • Quality and professionalism matter for us;
  • We implement agreements.

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