Our services include but not limited to:
Data entry for CRM systems, spreadsheets, databases
Data collection according to requirements
Data mining
Data cleaning and verification
Data conversion into Word, Excel, PDF
Data summarization
Report generating
Data Labeling and Annotation
What is data processing?

Data processing is a set of methods to transform raw information into a clear, structured, ready-to-use system for people and computers. Processing of data covers a wide range of operations like data entry, data collection, records extraction, data cleaning, validation, adaptation, summarization, structuring, conversion, and interpretation. Ready-to-use outputs are presented in useful forms such as reports in Word, PDF, spreadsheets in Excel, tables, diagrams, graphics, charts, etc.

Data processing for business

A qualitative product or great service is far not enough to run a company successfully. Strong vision, strategy, planning, and decision-making are needed to thrive in offline and online businesses. Decisions and actions should be based on factual data and reliable statements. Raw and chaotic materials about sales, income, logistics, investments, competitors, trends can't form a clear-cut and conclusive business verdict. Data processing and analysis give an understanding of a real situation. As a result, your company gets a great leap forward.

Data processing is a core need for machine learning as computers' algorithms can't function using orderless materials. Data processing for CRM systems provides accurate managing, analyzing, and tracking of customer records, interactions, and activities. Data warehouses usage, database creation are approved ways to optimize and automate business processes. Data processing services are used across different industries like insurance, retail, wholesale, transportation, education, manufacturing, energy and utilities, medicine, communications, media, etc.

We offer the following data processing services:

  • Data collection and preparation to create the base for processing;
  • Data cleaning and error removal;
  • Data conversion and verification;
  • Summarization and aggregation to combine various information, data groups, and resources;
  • Data input into CRM systems, databases, company's applications, storages;
  • Data reporting, interpretation, and storage – an output comes in the required measure including Word, Excel, PDF, text, image, audio, video formats saved for further use;
  • We combine different data processing tools and approaches to ensure the highest results for clients;
  • Our data processing company manages both small batch and huge database projects;
  • We've worked with projects from different industries including scientific and commercial data processing.

The portrait of Tinkogroup data processing specialist:

  • Has top-notch data entry skills;
  • Uses strong data processing software to maximize accuracy and efficiency for client's tasks;
  • A friend of digitization as it helps to work, change, fix, and store materials quickly and rationally;
  • Experienced in data collection, cleaning, validation, conversion, input and output, presentations;
  • Expert in Excel, Word, PDF data entry and conversion;
  • Knows that perseverance and accuracy are important to avoid mistakes in databases;
  • Understands industry-specific challenges and market needs to provide ready-to-use business reports;
  • Enjoys transforming chaotic e-materials into a well-functioned system;
  • Always follows terms and conditions.

Why should you outsource data processing services?

  • Clear and proper information is a basement for business decisions - entrust data to outsource experts;
  • Data processing companies create accurate and understandable databases what helps in building effective business strategies;
  • Data processing specialist provides quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in the final output;
  • Outsourcing data processing companies have the latest software to work much better and faster;
  • Applying to outsource means to deal with people who know AI trends, use Machine learning for data processing;
  • Delegating your tasks to professionals means to track the progress of a project but not to find solutions and solve problems;
  • Outsource purpose is to give clients the ability to concentrate on their own priorities while specialists are working on data processing.

Why Tinkogroup is a leading data processing company?

Well-organized and analyzed information is about making the right business decisions. Why not use it for your own company?

  • Data processing is about creating clear systems – we like systems;
  • Quality is our priority;
  • Our expertise includes but not limited to projects in insurance, finance, academic, healthcare, energy, e-commerce, marketing industries;
  • Our team members deal with tons of information each day, we know how to restrain data into a logical chain;
  • We implement agreements.

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