Our services include but not limited to:


Data mining


Form filling


Data cleaning and validation


Databases and spreadsheets processing


File conversion – PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, Google Docs


Data entry for CRM, Quickbooks, Shopify, Word, Excel, PDF


Data extraction and standardization


Image, audio, video processing

What is data entry?

Data is information about something represented by statistics, facts, measurements used as a foundation for reasoning, analyzing, planning and calculating. The smallest unit of data is a bit, the largest is a geopbyte. The structure is necessary to store the huge scope of items including text, audio, video, web files. Data entry is an input of information into databases. Data processing is the conversion of the raw facts into meaningful and ready-to-use units to work with.
Information is power for your business. Processed content can be used for your website, client arrangement processes, e-commerce support, management platforms, offline and online storages or CRM systems.

What data entry services we offer:

● Searching, sorting and verifying the accuracy of information;● Data analyzing and report generating;● Completing the documents by filling the missing gaps;● Online databases and spreadsheets processing;● File conversion (PDF to Word/Excel/Google Docs);● Data cleaning outsource;● Editing, sorting, copying, pasting of numeric, alphabetic and symbolic units;● Entering data from documents into your systems (CRM, Quickbooks, etc.);● Infographics services;● Email list building;● Capturing content from online resources;● Form-filling;● Document proofreading.

Who is a data entry clerk?

Data entry clerk is a person responsible to collect, analyze and interpret large scopes of information to help your business grow. All the files are presented in the requested manner. Data entry specialist combines such occupations as a typist, electronic data processor, transcriber, PC and software expert, clerk, online researcher.

The portrait of our data entry expert:

● High speed of typing without loss of quality;● Attention to details;● Good memory and accuracy in document interaction;● A mix of high concentration and emotional patience;● Software knowledge to ensure the correct data processing;● Professional user of Microsoft Office tools;● Expert in grammar, spelling, and punctuation;● Advanced communication skills;● Respect security policies;● Projects are executed within the discussed time limits.

Why should you outsource data entry tasks?

● Save your time for more important things;● Business promotion is much easier with outsource helpers;● It's cost-effective due to the lower bills;● Time zone benefits – you sleep, employees work;● Data entry specialists know better how to work with your project as they have skills, knowledge and experience behind the shoulders;● Ability to delegate large-scale projects - the job will be done fast as outsource company already has qualified and ready-to-work teams;● Short processing time of the client's service application;● Possession and access to the latest technologies;● Guarantee of quality.
As a result, the help of the outsource company will give you a competitive edge over rivals.

Why is Tinkogroup a leading data processing company?

Information is power for your business. We know what tools to use to deal with this power!
● Team members are multitaskers;● Our super skill is quality;● Adherence to time frames;● We work with tons of digital information and analyze it properly;● We are growing with each project;● We have a strong reputation.
We don't want to talk big about our skills. Check what our clients say about us.
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