Our services include but not limited to:
Image tagging
Text Summarization
Audio Classification
Video Annotation
Object Recognition
Semantic Segmentation
Instance Segmentation
Sentiment Analysis
Data Tagging and Classification
Product Categorization
What is data labeling?

Data labeling is the process of identifying and tagging of data samples. Such adaptation highlights data features by detecting its categories, characteristics, nature, properties, and content. Data labeling and classification are applicable to all the information formats – image, text, audio, video.

Data labeling for Machine Learning

The focal idea of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is to make machines think, predict, draw conclusions, and make decisions like humans. Machine Learning algorithms are built on training datasets to get the ability to automatically learn themselves. AI models can't rely on the chaotic, shapeless, and rambling records as the system will not function, that's why data collecting, analyzing, labeling, and annotation are the basis for Machine Learning and AI in general. The more thoroughly data labeling work will be done, the more accurate the system will be in operation. Data labeling and annotation are relevant for the classification of terrain visible in satellite and drones' imagery, industrial inspection, manufacturing, transport infrastructure, healthcare, retail, foodservice industry, e-commerce, social media, etc. Ensure such laborious tasks to an experienced data processing company to get the best results for your business.

What data labeling services we offer:

  • Image labeling interprets connections between visual materials and tags;
  • Text Summarization gives an all-round content synopsis with key phrases and sentiment analysis – the emotional meaning behind the text;
  • Audio Classification is used in automatic speech recognition, text to voice converting, chatbots;
  • Video annotation means adding metadata to untagged video records;
  • Product categorization helps customers to navigate within your website easily what pushes them to purchase your products or services;
  • Semantic segmentation and instance segmentation – detecting objects, grouping them within certain categories;
  • Object recognition, Landmarks, attribute categorization;
  • We work using different data labeling software including CVAT, LabelBox, Imglab, LabelMe, Sloth, etc.;
  • We offer our data labeling expertise in various areas including but not limited to road damage extraction, autonomous driving, real estate recognition, e-commerce, urban sets, etc.
The portrait of our data labeling specialist:

  • Always attentive and accurate especially when it comes to data processing and tagging;
  • Has an exaggerated sense of responsibility to the information analysis;
  • Depending on the initial task knows what data labeling tools to use – bounding boxes, polygons, pixelwise, 3D cuboids, lines and splines, etc.;
  • Explores different platforms to stay top human data labeler;
  • Has curiosity about Machine Learning;
  • Follows the rules in instructions to meet all the client's requirements;
  • Has advanced communicative skills;
  • Always remembers about deadlines;
  • Respects security policies.
Why should you outsource data labeling and annotation?

  • Machine Learning requires accurate data labeling, experts provide you with quality;
  • Focus on your business priorities while an outsourcing data company will be working on AI projects;
  • Track progress, predict results - make changes and additions when needed;
  • Possession and access to the advanced working tools, platforms, and latest technologies;
  • Data labeling, data annotation is a cost-effective investment;
  • You don't waste your time on searching and inducting inexperienced human resources;
  • Outsourcing company works with projects of small and big sizes;
  • Professionally processed data is always a good idea for any business – well-organized information pushes clients to choose your brand rather a promiscuous competitor;
  • Delegating is about comfort, not stress when you deal with experts.
Why Tinkogroup is a leading data labeling company?

Artificial Intelligence runs on data. We know how to make the system function.

  • Quality is our priority;
  • We deal with tons of information every day and we like it;
  • We keep to the agreed schedule;
  • We know how to give clients expected results and even more;
  • Our team members are professionals in data labeling services;
  • It is comfortable and profitable to work with us – check it on your own.
We value each of our clients and it is mutual. Here is what our clients say about us.

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