Our services include but not limited to:
Data research from specific resources
Internet research with report generation
Data mining and verifying for business purposes
Data collection according to the requirements
Market research and competitors' analysis
Contact data list creation – address, phone, email
Email list building
Image, audio, video research
What is internet research?

Internet research is a practice to gather information about the identified topic on the World Wide Web. The purpose of the service is to find out the accurate, reliable and relevant facts for the furthering understanding of the research theme. Online articles, reports, journals, social media, e-books, video, audio may be used to collect the materials. The internet is the most powerful and complex instrument to interact with data. This research tool may be used for communication, self-development, education, e-commerce, marketing, business. Internet research helps brands in development – when you know what customers want, your sales increase.

What internet research services we offer to increase your sales:

  • Searching and verifying the information;
  • Compile relevant research based on your needs;
  • Data collection from specific resources including social media;
  • Analysis of internet research data, report generation;
  • Audience, product, competitors and market research for your business;
  • Image, audio, video research;
  • List creation beyond the client's request – phone lists, email list building, competitor list;
  • Readability matters – we make reports in an accessible form so you could easily understand the text and graphics.
The portrait of our internet research expert:

  • Knows what internet research keywords to use to ensure the accurate results;
  • Curious person who wants to know even more about the subject of search;
  • Uses advanced web-searching techniques;
  • Online detective – knows where to dig out the needed facts;
  • Checks the sources – content should be valid, reliable and true-to-life;
  • Creative in the internet research strategies and approaches in information research;
  • Persistent and attentive as the quality and scope of internet research databases matters;
  • Search engine guru;
  • Person with critical skills to deal with tones of disorganized materials;
  • Data mining specialist;
  • Has robust software knowledge to ensure the correct data entry;
  • Professional user of Microsoft Office tools;
  • Projects are executed within the discussed time limits;
  • Respect security policies and intellectual property rights;
  • Advanced communication skills.
Each of us uses the online world to look for some information. Only internet research specialists may look through billions of records of digitized materials, stay patient and still accurate in the online analysis.

Why should you outsource internet research tasks?

  • Internet researchers know better how to work with your project as they have skills, knowledge, and experience – it's a strong proof of proficiency;
  • Save your time for more important things - internet research data collection includes surfing through mountains of websites, marketing reports, online newspapers, databases, business articles etc.;
  • You get a faster repayment of your investments - internet research outsource is cost-effective due to the lower bills;
  • Business promotion is much easier with outsource helpers;
  • Time zone benefits – you sleep, employees work;
  • Ability to delegate large-scale projects - the job will be done fast as outsource company already has qualified and ready-to-work teams;
  • Short processing time of the client's application;
  • Possession and access to the latest technologies;
  • Guarantee of quality.
Why Tinkogroup is a leading internet research company?

Information is power for your business. We know what internet research tools to use to deal with this power!

  • Team members are multitaskers;
  • Our super skill is quality!
  • Adherence to time frames;
  • We work with tons of digital information and analyze it properly;
  • We are growing with each project;
  • We have a strong reputation.
We don't want to talk loudly about our skills. Check what our clients say about us.

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