Unicorn startups

Unicorn startups interested in hiring freelancers

May your ridiculous idea lead you to a unicorn? Why are startups interested in hiring freelancers?

Mankind is oversaturated by technological services, but we still eagerly apply to fresh goods. A startup is a newly founded business comprising an innovating approach for the chosen market gap. Every second 3 startups are launched globally. Innovative idea equals power. Don’t be afraid to make your ideas work for you!

  Unicorns exist! Inspirational stories about startups

A startup which goes beyond the cost of $1 billion wears a proud name of «unicorn». May we congratulate you on a company purchase for $19 billion like Facebook did to WhatsApp? If you have $62.5 billion you may buy the most expensive unicorn called Uber. Of course, it is always hard to make the first step but don’t stop.

Look at people below and compare how they started and what they have now:

  • At first, Amazon was an online bookstore. When Jeff Bezos, vice-president of Wall Street Firm, launched it, people were not disposed to buy online at all.
  • In 1998 PayPal money transactions through email accounts, beyond the bank system were not preferred. There was no trust in the product.
  • When Twitter and Facebook gave a chance just to post and share photos, Instagram offered photo filters. Boom!
  • Michael Dell, a founder of Dell Computer Corporation, dropped out the University of Texas to begin his own company. Such competitors as Apple and IBM did not frighten him.
  • It seemed that an indie game with bad graphics called Minecraft did not have any chances of success as EA Games and Triple-A were the competitors. In fact, it became a real hit. Microsoft bought it for $2,5 billion.


Be bold! Let the world know about your ridiculous ideas for startup

Any idea can transform your life in case you are ready to introduce it to the world and scale it at the right moment. Don’t hide your brainchild! You never know what concept will hit the mark and make you a tycoon. To make you motivated and a bit bolder here are some amusing examples to show how people earn on bizarre ideas.

  • HUSHME proposes the voice mask to muffle your speech loudness when speaking on the phone. The device protects conversation privacy. You don’t bother people around you.


  • Canadian company VITALITY AIR sells 8 liters of fresh air for $25 per bottle. For example, China buys 10,000 bottles per month as they have smoggy surrounding. Special air variations are available – stress, tantra, energy, sleep, allergy mix etc.


  • If you are going to buy a house and want to know every detail about this property, use DiedInHouse.com to check death records for the accurate address.
  • Do you need to get rid of unwanted vegetation on your land? HERDS FOR HIRE propose goat rental works. As you see not just people can be hired for a job, but goats too.
  • Have you ever dreamt to lick your cat to make your relationship even deeper? Well, now you have this option by using the LICKI BRUSH.


  Why are startups interested in hiring freelancers?

Just 10% of announced startups survive in the severe conditions of the business game. The statistics soothsay you higher chances to succeed if your project has at least 2 founders. Investors don’t want to give you money. Much work to do, but you can’t manage on your own. You don’t have any office placement. Promoting a startup is a hard thing to do. Creative strategy and a good team of workers may lead the project to success. Why should startups hire freelancers?

  • Virtual assistants propose many skills, so you can choose exactly what you need. They are highly experienced and ready to help you.
  • You get a lower cost of work without any loss in quality. That is a great advantage as you count every penny when launching a startup.
  • Freelancers’ schedule is flexible. Your projects will be made faster and at the best time for you.
  • You save money by not renting an office as a remote team does not need it.
  • If your tasks are small, there is no need to hire a full-time worker. If your project is huge a virtual assistant can work extra hours to get the results earlier.
  • Before hiring a freelancer, you exclude surprises by checking a portfolio and feedback from the previous clients.
  • Remote teams are more oriented to be a part of interesting projects. They know how to deal with difficulties. Your startup will catch their attention.
  • If you find a super professional who lives abroad or in another city – no problem, remote staff can work from any point of the world.
  • Finding the right freelancers takes less time than to choose and interview a usual candidate.

Launching the own startup is a rollercoaster. It is very important to build a powerful team, whose members believe in your idea. Startups are interested in hiring freelancers as it is a great foundation for the business.


Generate ideas, don’t hide your ambitions, risk, share, create your team, believe in what you do. Be creative, be powerful! We wish your startup to become a unicorn company one day.

by Tatiana Buriak